My name is Morgan Friedlander. I am from Birmingham, Alabama but I am a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan (I was born in Athens). I am the oldest of four kids and the product of successful homeschooling (all the credit goes to my mom).

I am currently a senior tennis player with a major in public relations and a double minor in business and religion at Lee University. Lee University is a member of the NCAA Division II competing in the Gulf South Conference (GSC). I have been a member of Lee’s tennis team all four years of college and I would say I have become quite the expert on surviving as a student athlete.

In being a student athlete, I have had a completely different experience in college than the average student. It is not easy juggling classes, homework, exams, practice, weight training, team meetings, food, sleep and more.

I launched this blog to share my experience and things I have learned that have helped me survive college as a student athlete. If you are or have been a student athlete, this blog is for you to read and relate to some tips and trials of surviving college. If you are not a student athlete, you get an inside look and can enjoy laughing at the struggles we athletes go through in order to perform on the courts/fields/track.


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