A weekend off

Weekends off come very few and far between for student athletes, but when we get one it is amazing. We either watch Netflix and sleep or we travel and try to have a typical college experience. This semester I have had two weekends off, both of which I have really enjoyed.


The first weekend I had off this semester, I spent with my boyfriend, Tom, hiking and enjoying a gorgeous day. We hiked up to Benton Falls, stopping
at several overlooks where we really enjoyed the spectacular views. With me on tIMG_7763 (1).jpghe tennis team and him on the soccer team, we rarely get to go out and do things besides our sports. So, when we realized we both had a weekend off we took an adventure.

IMG_7730 (2).jpg






The second weekend I had off was this past weekend. We took this time to travel to South Carolina to visit my grandparents. I never get time to visit them because I am so busy with my sport and school, but this past weekend Tom and I took a five-hour road trip to visit.

IMG_7799 (2).jpg

The weekend started out very early on Saturday morning when my grandfather took us out to the range to shoot guns. He has participated in cowboy action shooting for years and has hundreds of guns. He has been taking me out to the range since I was a little kid. I love going out and shooting at targets. It was so great to get out and do something that I never get to do anymore.

IMG_7853 (3).jpg


The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing around the house, watching movies in 3D, and decorating sugar cookies. It was so much fun to just get away from the normal routine, visit with family, and enjoy some time resting.

A weekend off is a lovely thing when you never get a break. Athletes, hang in there and wait for those weekends off! They are wonderful and really worth the wait! Stay strong!



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