5 Tips to Survive a Road Trip

Every student athlete spends a good amount of time on the road. From traveling to games or matches to traveling home over the holidays, we have to learn how to have fun on car trips. So, this post will consist of 10 tips I have learned over the years to making the most of road trips.

1. Bring a comfy pillow.



The first and, in my opinion, the most important tip to having a successful and enjoyable car trip is to bring a comfy pillow. No matter how uncomfortable you think you will be, if you bring your favorite comfy pillow with you, it will be a lot more enjoyable.

2. Have your favorite snacks.



On long road trips, you are bound to get hungry at some point and the chances of the driver stopping at the place you want to eat is slim. The best way to make sure your tummy stays satisfied is to pack your own bag of your favorite snacks. That way you never have to worry about where the driver stops.

3. Have your favorite playlist and headphones ready.


When you’re on the road the radio signal will go in and out and you will constantly have to change the station to find music you are interested in. If you bring your iPhone or iPod you will have your favorite music ready to go at any time you want.




One of the most important tips is to have your phone charger with you and ready when you need it. With long trips you are bound to run out of charge and since you need your phone to listen to music, if you have your charger ready, you will always be ready.

5. Bring a blanket



On most road trips the driver with set the thermostat to a colder temperature so the bus or van will not get stuffy. This usually results in you freezing. So, bring a blanket to bundle up in when you are shivering in the bus seat.

Below are some pictures from a couple of bus trips I have been on in the last few years with the tennis team.




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